About Us

I am accredited by the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM); an Associate Member of the School of Natural Health Sciences; have Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition; and Diploma in Child and Adolescent Nutrition; I have Practitioner Public Liability insurance and am DBS checked.

I provide clinics in Camberley, Surrey

I also conduct consultations by telephone and Skype

My journey with healthy eating began 35 years ago. As a teenager I drifted into vegetarianism for health and ethical reasons. I stopped eating sugar after a childhood of regular trips to the dentist. I read books about the healing power of nutritional therapy.

Jump twenty years and I found myself suffering from fatigue, headaches and muscle pain. I some how managed to hold down a job but could do little else. After three years of this by chance I eliminated wheat from my diet. I saw significant improvement in my symptoms so I contacted a nutritionist to obtain further advice. This started my journey out of ill health. A desire to share the knowledge I had gained over the years is what motivated me to train as a nutritionist. I am also interested in neural movement research and therapies and will be offering services in this field in the near future.


Disclaimer: we do not diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any particular form of disease. Always consult with your GP or healthcare provider incase of illness. Do not do anything you are uncomfortable with and check with your doctor where necessary.

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